How To Restore Xp Backup In Windows 7?

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NTBackup The Built-In Backup Utility: In Microsoft Windows, NTBackup is the built-in backup utility system that is made available to Windows users to protect and safeguard their crucial data from getting lost in times when corruption affects the original files. You can create backup copies of your original files and folders using this backup system. Originally, NTBackup was introduced with Windows NT Operating System version and later on, it was made a part of all subsequent Windows NT versions up to and including 2000, XP and 2003.

NTBackup is Not a Part of Win7: In Windows Vista and later Windows versions, NTBackup is replaced by other backup systems. For example, in Windows Vista, NTBackup is replaced by the Windows Backup and Restore Center, which uses the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) file format. Here, the backups are supported to modern storage media (like DVDs and image-based full system backups). However, in Win7, there is no in-built backup utility system. In Windows 7 Operating System version, which is the latest version of Windows, you dont have any backup system.

Downloading NTBackup: If you want to restore older backups in Windows 7 (for example, if you want to restore XP backup in Win 7), Microsoft has given the facility, wherein, you can download NTBackup, which is made available at the Microsoft website.

How to Restore XP Backup in Windows 7? In Windows XP, you must have created the backup using NTBackup, which is not a part of Win7. Now, if you want to restore XP backup file in Windows 7, then you would need NTBackup for this purpose; because, only then, you can restore XP BKF in Windows 7. After downloading NTBackup, you can get a third-party BKF recovery tool to restore XP backups. Restoring XP backup in Windows 7 would involve two steps first to install NTBackup and second to install a third-party backup recovery tool if your BKF file is corrupted or damaged. After installing NTBackup, you will be able to read BKF files in Win7. You can download NTBackup from Microsoft website free of charge.

Alternate Method to Install NTBackup: Given below are some simple steps to install NTBackup utility on your system:
1. First of all, you have to insert the Windows XP Installation Disc into the CD-ROM drive of your system
2. Then, right click the Drive icon
3. Now, you have to select Explore
4. After that, you must navigate the location CD drive:\VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP
5. And then, open Ntbackup.msi file
6. Finally, by following the prompted messages, you can install Ntbackup.msi on your system

Restore Windows Backup in Windows 7: The Windows 7 restore of XP backup process can be easily performed after installing NTBackup as described in detail above. You can use a third-party backup recovery tool like SysTools BKF Repair software to restore BKF files.

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How To Restore Xp Backup In Windows 7?

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This article was published on 2010/10/08