Windows 7 – An Innovation in the Field of Computers

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Almost everyone is now familiar with the use of the computer and that is why it is easier to have an overview of the windows or the operating system. Most of us are familiar with the word windows. The window is said to be the operating system on which the system operates. The operating system is very much necessary for the computer to perform its function. Without the operating system there is no concept of the system operation. Microsoft corporation has been a key player in the market of the operating system, it's been quite a long that the Microsoft has catered the market and that is why it is now one of the top leading manufacturers of the operating systems for the system and the laptops. There are certain other names in the market as well but Microsoft is known for its products.

The innovation in the field of computers and the operating systems has made so much progress that after every few years there is a launch of the new operating system. Particularly if we talk about the Windows 7 , its one of those operating system versions that gained popularity soon after it was launched in 2009 . There were several reasons for the popularity of windows 7 but the main reason that made it acknowledged among the users is its compatibility. Now you would be asking to yourself that what does compatibility means? Compatibility means that how much operating system is supportive to new softwares installed on the systems .Every time Microsoft launched the new versions of the windows it was different then the previous ones. Before the launch of windows 7 it was windows XP that was immensely popular but the way windows 7 captured the market it was way beyond the expectations. There is a lot of difference between the previous versions of the operating system and windows 7.

The unique ability of Windows 7 is that is designed in such a way that it can be upgraded and made it compatible with the windows vista applications and the software as well. Windows 7 was introduced for both 32 bit systems and 64 bit systems and it is equally good at both the levels. If we talk about the performance of Windows 7 then it would be right to say that windows 7 has made a clear difference as far as the optimum performance of the operating system is concerned. There are quite a lot features that were introduced in window 7 launch. Basic change that windows 7 provided to the user is the appearance of the operating system. The appearance was made more attractive than ever before. The advantage of the windows 7 was that it was made with so much precision that the requirement specifications of the system was very much minimal in order to have the installation done. The touch recognition system is one of the features of windows 7.


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Windows 7 – An Innovation in the Field of Computers

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Windows 7 – An Innovation in the Field of Computers

This article was published on 2013/05/23