Windows 7 Locks Up - How to Fix Windows 7 Locking Up

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It is quite common to see the computer freezing from time to time. It is really a hard time when the Windows 7 Locks Up when you are in the middle of some urgent work. A common error seen with the computers, there is nothing to be worried for when the Windows 7 Locks Up. Before you take the computer to the technician, try some ways that could help in overcoming such problem.

Once you see that the Windows 7 is creating problems, the first thing you have to do is to look for the root cause of the problem. The Windows 7 locks up if you have a corrupt registry or if you have junk files or if you have low RAM memory or if your computer is infested with viruses.

How to Fix Windows 7 Locking Up

If your computer is frequently locking up, watch out for the unnecessary programs that may be running in your system. Identify the unnecessary programs and delete them, which will automatically increase the space in the system. Once there is enough space, the Windows runs smoothly.

When talking of RAM, each software needs a certain amount of RAM for performing properly. The programs will not run smoothly if there is not enough RAM space. To prevent unexpected Windows 7 breaking off, you have to free some space or have to upgrade the RAM.

The Windows 7 Locks Up if the right drivers are not used and if they are not properly installed. The drivers in your system should be attuned with Windows 7. Make sure that you have updated the latest drivers.

Another important part that has to be looked into is the Windows registry. The registry is a place storing all the important data of each application. More and more data get accumulated in the registry over time and the registry becomes congested. Moreover, there could also be corrupt files in the registry. These could lead to Windows 7 Locks Up. So you should have to clean the registry if you want to avoid computer random lockups. There are several ways to clean the registry, but the best way is to use some registry cleaning tools. When using the cleaning tools, there is no problem of losing any valuable data.

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Windows 7 Locks Up - How to Fix Windows 7 Locking Up

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This article was published on 2010/09/27